ANZAC Day 2022

Remembering and Reflecting on ANZAC Day

Anzac Day is a time to reflect on our servicemen and servicewomen, past and present. The above words and this ANZAC Day reduced me to tears as I remembered the service and reflected on my husband’s service.

We attended the battalion dawn service on base. As I watched my husband inspect and fix up his diggers uniforms as they changed and departed for the march while he remained behind in his suit, unable to march due to his injuries, I stood there holding in the tears, using all my willpower to stop the floodgate of tears opening.

I was overwhelming proud and sad.

Proud of his service. Proud of the sacrifices he has made. Proud of the man he is. Proud to be this soldier’s wife.

Happy sad watching him there in his element with the platoon.

Sad this was our tenth ANZAC Day together and I’m still yet to see him march. Sad the march was another thing his injuries took away and another thing they prevented him doing. Sad watching him wave off the platoons from the sidelines.

Then other feels hit me.

Sad that the one other partner from this battalion who I know wasn’t there as they were part of a catafalque party somewhere else. Sad that they’re now posting out this year.

Sad that the other partner who I talk to on the daily is discharging and leaving soon too.

Sad that as I stood there in the corner of the platoon hanger, I didn’t have my village.

Then again, if they’d been there, they’d have noticed my tear swollen eyes and I wouldn’t have been able to hold back those tears.

Then my husband’s friend I’ve long heard about but never met saw me and gave me the biggest hug.

We started talking about making plans to catch up properly soon.

Happiness crashed over my wave of sadness.

After attending the dawn service we came home and watched the new Netflix addition; Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan.

I had looked up this battle previously. In each of my last three years of high school, I had been awarded the ADF Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork award, which now holds so much more significance to me today as a soldier’s wife.

It was a sombre and solemn day feeling and knowing how the many years of service have touched and altered our life.

I thought all day about those who made the ANZAC sacrifice and all those currently serving and prepared to do the same.

To the fallen and the injured service men and women and their families, thank you.

To the current serving members, their partners and children, thank you.

Your sacrifice and service is appreciated and courageous.

Lest we forget.

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