As a natural organiser, I’m committed to processes and list ticking 📃✅.

I became a Defence Partner 10 years ago and soon found Defence life challenging and not quite as supported or organised as I’d like.

Unlike my own Defence Partner journey, which was largely through the dark and reliant on my spouse ingenuity, THP has developed so you don’t have to fumble your way through the dark.

Combining my love of organizing and all the details with purpose, The Home Post is all about shareable and soooo desperately needed resources to support and empower Defence families.

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I believe education and organization improves readiness, reintegration, wellbeing and an efficient home command for the whole service family.

MISSION – To provide shareable, educational, easy-to-use, reliable resources, checklists, guides and organizing systems for managing every aspect of Defence family life all in one place.

VISION – To help and support Defence Partners and families with developing the clarity and confidence to navigate and manage all that comes with Defence life and next posts.

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Hey! It’s me, Julia.

Creator of the Home Post and Defence Partners & Carers Community.

Army wife is just one hat I wear. When I’m not spending time with my husband and dogs (Charlie & Freyja), I am making sourdough, cooking, gardening, organising and adjusting the home decor or starting a new project halfways through a current one.

In more recent times though, you’d more likely than not have caught me supporting and advocating for Defence families. My journey as a Defence Partner has been through the dark. I recognize that my story is just ‘another’ and no exception – hence The Home Post!

The help and support Defence Partners and families need to develop the clarity and confidence to navigate and manage all that comes with the post.

I also wanted to create a safe space to encourage and allow the partner community to harness the power of their shared experience and to advocate for better outcomes for ourselves, our families and our community.

You can hear more about my Defence Partner story in this Lust, Love and Loss Conversation we did with The Shrine of Remembrance as part of the Australian Stories of Wartime Relationships Project.

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