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I’ve got a simple goal; to meaningfully assist Defence Partner and family support.

About the Defence Partner & Carer Support Group

Medical downgrade has been a feature 3 times in 7 years for us. The first time we were still MWD(U) unrecognised and it resulted in my sudden relocation inside a matter of half a day. The most recent medical downgrade I learnt things about in home support services we both should have been informed about the first time – six years earlier! In fact, my husband should have learnt about it 10 years earlier at the time of his first injury that placed him on crutches.

What had come to be the case in the recent medical downgrades was that I was informing my husband about processes and entitlements as a result of my research, which I had far more time to do than he due to tempo.

That’s why I began the Defence Partner & Carers Support Group; to empower, support and educate Partners during the journey.

I also wanted to create a safe space to encourage and allow the partner community to harness the power of their shared experience and to advocate for better outcomes for ourselves, our families and our community.

It is not if they get out or if an experience happens to you but when and what I learned is this is something you can never be too prepared for.

Support and Community

When your Defence Member or Veteran is injured physically or mentally, medically downgraded or transitioning, it is a difficult time to navigate and process.

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Simple, easy to understand and use checklists and processes to navigate medical downgrade or to plan for transition.

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Calls, workshops and events to highlight supports and processes, to better inform and educate both service member and Partner.

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