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Phone A Partner

The Phone A Partner line is a telephone support service to help Defence Partners socially and with getting the support you need.

Virtual peer support sessions via video and phone was something I trialed to help combat the social isolation of Partners during the Covid-19 pandemic when myself and other MWD(U) Partners felt alone and at a loss due to extended separations from our servicemembers.

It’s also something I find routinely useful when assisting partners with their questions about benefits, entitlements and processes.

Now I want Phone A Partner to be there for any Partner who is socially isolated and spending their weeks or special occasions alone, experiencing difficult times such as hospitalisation, relocation, deployment, medical downgrade or transition and who needs a listening ear, chat and friend.

A full privacy agreement will be viewable and all conversations will remain confidential.

All Defence Partners can register to receive a call at your preferred time and date, selectable in the calendar that will display after entering your contact details.






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