More than words

I’ve got a simple goal; to meaningfully assist Defence Partner and family support.



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It’s Coming. The BEST and SO Desperately Needed Resource

Carer, Medical Downgrade & Transition

Your medical downgrade and transition checklists, guides and empowerment. Join my Defence Partner & Carers Support Group on Facebook.

Military Life 411

All about the traditions, etiquette, basics and the ebb and flow of Defence life.

Home and PERS Admin

Everything to organise the home command and personal admin including wills, Power of Attorney, Advanced Care Directives, taxes and my household tips and tricks.


Mastering the Defence move and community integration with ease, checklists, tips and tricks.

Deployment & Distance

Preparing for and handling distance, deployment and reintegration.

Career & Study

Navigating study, employment and career management alongside military life.

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